About Us

Fayette County Water Authority (FCWA) was established in 1998. Our water resources are purchased from the Fayette Water Board. FCWA routinely monitors the water quality of your water as it relates to delivery to your home. This is water of the highest quality and meets all standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

We are staffed with two full-time State of Alabama Certified Water Operators and two Alabama State Certified part-time operators. The office consists of two staff member to assist you with any questions and concerns.

Please note: If you are visiting this website in order to pay your bill online, please understand that this payment will be for Fayette County Water Authority. There are numerous water utilities services in Fayette County, so please make 100% certain that you are one of our customers. You cannot pay Fayette Water Board, Carroll’s Creek Water, Carbon Hill Water, Vernon Water, Glenn Allen Water, Berry Water, or Belk Water on this website. Only Fayette County Water Authority customers can make payment through this website.

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2329 Temple Ave N
Fayette, AL 35555


(205) 932-6441